Colour your world

From the Oregon Health & Science University's colouring book

From the Oregon Health & Science University’s colouring book

Since 2013, colouring books for adults have grown into the “hottest trend in publishing.” And now the archives of major universities and museums around the world have got in on the act.

“#Color Our Collections 2016” is a week-long celebration (ending today, 5 February) of historical illustrations and images from the world’s leading archives.

The various collections have posted downloadable versions of their historical images that can be printed and coloured (and, they hope, shared on social media).

The effort was organized by the New York Academy of Medicine and the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

So download some pictures – medical, as in this book from the Oregon Health & Science University, or from almost any other discipline you fancy – and mindfully colour your weekend away.~TM

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