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The 500-word universe? Globe and Mail bucks trend with 5,000-word feature

credit: Pixelbliss

credit: Pixelbliss

“Citius – Altius – Fortius” — faster, higher, stronger — is the motto of the Olympics. But reporters are fearing that journalism’s new motto is “Citius – Brevius – Debilius” (faster, shorter, weaker) since the wire services Associated Press (AP) and Reuters each sent memos earlier this month to staff urging directing them to keep their stories short. Very short.

The edicts had mixed reviews among journalists, but many lamented the shortening, over-simplifying and loss of autonomy they represent. Continue reading →

Word Watch: themmie

“Themmie” is a word Ben Yagoda ‏(professor of English at the University of Delaware) has suggested for someone taking a selfie:

yagoda tweet

Pollen in the public domain

german pollenNineteenth-century German illustrations of pollen “in extreme magnification” have recently entered the public domain.

So reports the Public Domain Review, an online journal and not-for-profit project whose organizers keep their eyes peeled for material that is no longer protected by copyright.

The illustrations, one page of which is on the left, appeared in Ueber den Pollen (1837), a book by St. Petersburg-based German pharmacist, chemist and botanist Carl Julius Fritzsche (1808-1871). Continue reading →

When radiologists take a selfie…

radiologists selfie  Radiologists? Radiographers? Both?

Not earth-shaking — just a little fun.~TM


Pain relief is on the way — or the design, anyway

Neurons in sizzling black and red, representing facial pain

Neurons in sizzling black and red, representing facial pain

The new design representing pain relief — which will adorn neckties and scarves from Infectious Awareables (IA) is on the way.

Or, more correctly, two designs are on the way.

You may recall that in February, Dr. Roger Freeman (DDS), of IA, put out a call (which ran here) for suggested designs representing pain relief, as a follow-up to a custom design the firm produced last year of facial pain design in collaboration with TNA-The Facial Pain Association and its research division, the Facial Pain Research Foundation, organizations dealing with neuropathic face pain including trigeminal neuralgia. Continue reading →

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