Pain relief is on the way — or the design, anyway

Neurons in sizzling black and red, representing facial pain

Neurons in sizzling black and red, representing facial pain

The new design representing pain relief — which will adorn neckties and scarves from Infectious Awareables (IA) is on the way.

Or, more correctly, two designs are on the way.

You may recall that in February, Dr. Roger Freeman (DDS), of IA, put out a call (which ran here) for suggested designs representing pain relief, as a follow-up to a custom design the firm produced last year of facial pain design in collaboration with TNA-The Facial Pain Association and its research division, the Facial Pain Research Foundation, organizations dealing with neuropathic face pain including trigeminal neuralgia.

“Many thanks for the dozens of responses to our February newsletter plea for suggestions on our upcoming project, ‘Pain RELIEF!’ ” Dr. Freeman wrote in his recent newsletter.

Dr. Roger Freeman (DDS)

Dr. Roger Freeman (DDS)


Personal perceptions and suggestions ranged from fluffy clouds to a glass of red wine to…a unicorn! (We’re still working on that one). As you might expect, men seemed to lean more clinical – molecules, analgesics, atoms bursting.  Women were much more about peace, tranquility and calm.”

Based on the responses, Dr. Freeman added that IA will be creating separate designs for necktie and scarf.

Since 1997, Infectious Awareables (IA) has been in the business of combining fasion and health education. The company designs and sells silk ties, silk scarves, bow ties and boxers bearing colourful electron micrographs of pathogens of public health interest (the fashion part) with tags that provide brief health information (the education part).~TM


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