What does pain relief look like? (Win a prize!)

Dr. Roger Freeman (DDS), wearing an influenza tie

Dr. Roger Freeman (DDS), wearing an influenza tie

Dr. Roger Freeman (DDS) and his crew at Infectious Awareables are looking for help in coming up with a graphic representation of pain relief.

You could win “unimaginable treasures.” (At least, that’s what Dr. Freeman says.)

Since 1997, Infectious Awareables (IA) has been in the business of combining fasion and health education. The company designs and sells silk ties, silk scarves, bow ties and boxers bearing colourful electron micrographs of pathogens of public health interest (the fashion part) with tags that provide brief health information (the education part).

Designs include anthrax, influenza, gonorrhea, HIV, C. difficile and Ebola, as well as  dust mites, bed bugs and dental plaque.paintie

Last year, IA developed a facial pain design — featuring neurons in “sizzling” red and black — in collaboration with TNA-The Facial Pain Association and its research division, the Facial Pain Research Foundation, organizations dealing with neuropathic face pain including trigeminal neuralgia.

But for 2014, IA would like to come up with a pain relief design.

“As usual, we’ll be using the science as basis for our design,” Dr. Freeman said in a recent newsletter (also posted on IA’s Facebook page).

“In keeping with our wearability standards, we’re also designing creative accents to the science — in this case, a representation of what sufferers might sense when the ‘hurt’ stops. In other words, an artistic equivalent of …’whew!’

“We do have some ideas — clouds, birds, rainbows, waterfalls come to mind — but we’d actually like to hear from you, i.e. what you tend to visualize at that moment of…whew!” Dr. Freeman added.

Send your ideas to him at info@iAwareables.com. He said they’ll take the top five — give or take — “and whether or not we use them, we’ll reward with unimaginable treasures (transl: freebies).”~TM

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