Happy 95th birthday to Joan Hollobon!

Courtesy Asia Wreczycka

Courtesy Asia Wreczycka

Joan Hollobon, once the doyenne of Canadian medical writers, celebrated her 95th birthday yesterday.

Joan was the Globe and Mail‘s medical reporter from the early 1960s until her retirement in 1985.  In a career that spanned the founding of Medicare to the early days of the AIDS pandemic, she was also a founder of the Canadian Science Writers Association, which awarded her its first lifetime achievement award in 2010.

A few of us had cake and heart-healthy red wine with her last evening. She was in great spirits and thoroughly enjoyed herself.~TM

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  1. Gosh it is good to see Joan, and to see her looking so good. I am late joining you in wishes for a happy birthday so shall wish her a happy Valentine’s day. Which in my book means a chocolately one.

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