Word Watch: Round One of the Scrabble Word Showdown

scrabbleYou may recall that Scrabble and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary invited nominations of words to be considered for inclusion in the next edition of The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

Today, they announced the 16 words they’ve chosen for a bracket-style “Scrabble Word Showdown,” with fans voting on the Facebook page until one word emerges triumphant.

The 16 words have been announced, none of which are the least bit medical. The list is below with the best definitions I could find for them:

  • Luckbox: a lucky person.
  • Booyah: an exclamation of joy or pride in one’s accomplishment.
  • Phablet: the cross between a smart phone and a tablet.
  • Emotypo: misuse of an emoticon.
  • Zen: complete peace, as a state of mind.
  • Woot: expression of joy (as in “Woohoo!”), mostly used online, originated with gamers.
  • Bestie: best friend.
  • Adorbs: an abbreviation of ‘adorable.’
  • Hangry: being so hungry that you become angry or frustrated.
  • Nowish: soon.
  • Retweet: On Twitter, to copy a tweet and sent it again.
  • Ew: an expression of disgust.
  • Bitcoin: a form of online currency.
  • Geocache: a destination point in a GPS-based scavenger hunt.
  • Cosplay: a contraction of “costume play” — dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character.
  • Lifehack: a tool or technique for making some aspect of life easier or more efficient.

The format of the bracket-style voting is in the graphic below, and Round One voting has begun: phablet vs. emotypo and luckbox vs. booyah.

scrabble word

Seeing as there are no medical words in competition, I won’t update the voting, but will announce the winning word as long as I got myself into this…~TM

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